oh, canada

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.still no advisor. .being continually frustrated on that front (and with myself), i’ve not been posting much to the site. .i saw west wing last night; abbey’s birthday episode (entitled “dead irish writers”, as i recall, if you really want to look it up). .i like the show a lot, though i never see all the episodes in order, so i’m always a bit behind. .anyway, the point of this story is that due to some international border misplacements, they end up playing the canadian national anthem in the white house ballroom. .for some reason, this has resulted in “america the beautiful” being stuck in my head ever since i woke up.



.before i do anything else, haskell has a new site. .check it out if you want a look at a small slice of life at fairchild430.ur.


talking and talking

.seems to go in cycles, this website. .i’m damn sure you could model my postings according to a few coupled differential equations. .the problem is, the longer i leave it alone, the more effort it is to change it, the less i want to do anything about it, etc. .i talked to professor preskill a week ago today about his group and the possibility of me joining it. .he was informative and encouraging but told me he could not fund a gra. .so i talked to the oracle (dian), and she told me it was not too big of a deal that i hadn’t yet turned in my advisor selection form. .but if i don’t get it in in the next week or so, i’m in trouble. .we talked about the possibility of switching to the physics option, and it turns out its a fairly easy process. .so i talked to another oracle (donna), and she agreed. .the only issue (as always) is of funding. .so now i’m trying to talk to professor porter, the graduate rep. in physics, about what my options are. .but he hasn’t responded yet. .ugh.

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