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.so i was noticing the other day that a person walking around on campus would be extremely hard pressed to overhear anyone talking about notscience. .people here at caltech converse almost exclusively about science. .it’s truly bizarre. .even when it seems as though people are talking about notscience, they’re still really talking about science. .for example, i was walking toward lauritsen yesterday and passed a guy talking on his cell phone. .i heard him say, “… yeah, i know you wanted to go look at shoes”. ?perfectly normal, right? .wrong. .he next said, “ok, im almost done writing the script i need to run overnight…”. .he could have said, “ok, i’m almost done here” but no, notscience is a foreign language to this person and most other caltexen. .now i’m on a mission to overhear even a bit of conversation about notscience.

.a diction question for those interested. .i was trying to think of a good word for “to pass” in the sense of “those two people whose velocity vectors were (for the moment) approximately antiparallel passed eachother” as opposed to “to overtake (parallel velocity vectors)”. .i was trying to be more descriptive (read “less ambiguous”), but i couldn’t without using more words: …passed a guy going in the opposite direction…. ?is there a good one word for this?

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