the hall of inadequacy

.found dian (two thirty). .she was very sympathetic and refused to take my gra from me, as i suggested. .as always, she was very supportive. .talking to dian left me feeling a bit better, but leaving her office made me feel far worse due to a simply unfair juxtaposition: i found myself face to face with three nobel laureates. .one of them dead. .next up on my list of people to talk to is professor dougherty, but he’s not here until monday. .so i’m giving up on the rest of the day. .in other news, i saw claire in the hall and said “hey”. .she was shocked that one grad student would greet another. .so i continued the conversation and asked her how she was, etc. .she said she was stressed about candidacy. .i wished her well and didn’t know whether to think her position enviable. .also in other news, i continue to be remiss and jackassly in not mentioning dixie. .so, “dixie“.

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