cooked meat

.jeff and i fired up the grills again in honor of ariele’s friend shay-la’s visit. .i meant to take pictures of the cooking process during which paul.za was kind enough to supply me with a beer, but forgot. .but you can see the (hopefully) happy eaters (soon) {!now!}. .speaking of ariele, i know her mom reads the site on occasion, so i should mention that during one of the many times i faithlessly strayed from maintaining the site her dad (ariele’s), bob, came into town. .he and ariele cooked us one of the best meals i’ve had in a while. .and nobody got salmonella. .but back to the present – or closer to it, anyway. .after dinner roger, shay-la, ariele jeff, slizzy, bert and i went to lucky‘s. .they had a barleywine fest going on that night. .a lot of it was quite good, but believe you me, i had some wierd tasting stuff.

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