morning meeting

.got up at the ridiculous hour of 9am this morning to meet with professor giapis (ace’s ‘fearless leader’) at 10. .the meeting went fairly well and was fairly interesting. .as an added bonus, he had parked in timed spot that morning for some reason and so had to cut the talk off at about an hour to go move it. .following, i went down and chatted with ace a bit about his ginormous plasma gun and the various bits needed for its operation. .i’d really like to see some numbers on how much juice that thing draws from the grid. .in the afternoon, i had a very nice chat with ben toner from iqi. .very informative about the research going on and, even better, very encouraging about working in the group. .he also told an amusing story about going to a shooting range and firing all sorts of guns dirt cheap while talking to the guy in the next lane about “those damn treehuggin’ earthfirstin’ sissies”. .the story was particularly funny as ben is from .au, and this was a sort of “find out what it’s like to be an american” adventure.

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