math and coffee

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.every big company should have a mathematician on staff. .in fact, i dare you to think of any type of national company that doesn’t need a few mathematicians. .just keep ’em in a box with some paper and pencils and haul ’em out every once in a while when you’ve got a tough problem. .sort of “bring out the gimp”-esque. .on a related note, i’ve always wanted to develop a crush on a barista. .something nice and cliché. .we’d have a drink instead of a song: a good darjeeling or earl grey or or even hot apple cider when it was in season. .the relationship would develop slowly but pleasantly, and we’d grow genuinely fond of each other. .we’d see and critique movies and evaluate other people’s senses of fashion with no care in the world for our own. .it’d last for about a year and a half until she broke up with me for some artistically minded person who actually drank coffee and knew the difference between emo and crap. .i’d be heart broken and desolute [sic] for months until i realized she’d stolen my green lantern shirt. .then i’d be pissed. .yeah. .that’s the life.

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