spending money

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.i’ve purchased a digital camera: a minolta dimage xt. .got it online for ~$220, but it hasn’t come in the mail yet. .to go with, i also bought a bonzai usb flash drive and a 256 mb sd memory card. .i’m pretty excited to try the bad boy out. .pictures are supposed to be quite good (though not excellent) and it’s pretty freakin small (though not the smallest). .my only problem is that i have very little hdd space left on my 5 year old quantex laptop, leading me to really want to buy a new computer. .the ideal: a 15″ 1.25 ghz apple powerbook w/ superdrive. .the problem: ~$2230. .and a 20 mb ipod thrown in for good measure (~$370). .(btw, aren’t those ipod minis slick? You just know there’s going to be commercials featuring mini coopers and ipod minis). .after using and promoting pc architecture since the late 80’s, i am ready to switch. .apple’s always had a good interface, and the unix driven os x has finally made me change teams. .well almost. .too bad i’m poor. .my current plan is to splurge on a laptop as some sort of “reward” after i join a lab.

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