jrunscript on OS X

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I just found this handy utility.

$ man jrunscript

I’m using it to deobfuscate some JavaScript.


Prevent man, nano from Clearing Screen on Exit in Terminal.app

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$ mkdir ~/.terminfo
$ infocmp > ~/.terminfo/xterm-color-noclear.terminfo
$ nano ~/.terminfo/xterm-color-noclear.terminfo
# 1. Change 'xterm-color' on second line to 'xterm-color-noclear'
# 2. Remove 'smcup' and 'rmcup'
$ tic ~/.terminfo/xterm-color-noclear.terminfo
$ export TERM=xterm-color-noclear
# Add export line to .profile

More info at: Synologic’s Stop gnome-terminal screen clear, Fix Log’s Stop gnome-terminal screen clear, and The Shallow Sky’s Exorcising the Evil Alternate Screen.


I had to turn this off since it was affecting ssh terminals. Will revisit.

$ nano
Error opening terminal: xterm-color-noclear.

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