Hairectomy via SVN: Day 2

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Day 2: The Trident

2009-11-29T15:32$ svn del Chinstrap
D         Chinstrap
2009-11-29T15:32$ svn ci -m "Day 2: The Trident"
Deleting       Chinstrap
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 3.
2009-11-29T15:32$ ls -h

The Trident


    MDA 11.29.2009 @ 16:43

    Hard to get a good angle on the ridiculousness of this one. Named “The Trident” for the three stupid looking, sticking out patches: cheek, cheek and chin.

    Andy 11.30.2009 @ 08:09

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    Thomas 12.02.2009 @ 11:09


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