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We had a 5.4 earthquake here in Southern California today at 11:42 am local time. I was at home on the couch talking to some fellow WordPress folk on IRC

[11:42am] mdawaffe_lap: my point was just that since meta_value is so generic, ORDER BY meta_value is trickier than first glance
[11:43am] mdawaffe_lap: earthq
[11:43am] mdawaffe_lap: big one
[11:43am] mdawaffe_lap: later

when the apartment started shaking. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on before Michelle and I dove behind the couch. Our table is from IKEA. We wordlessly agreed that it might not stand up to having an apartment dropped on top of it. Though neither would have our backs; as it turns out, later research suggested that the table would have been a better choice after all.

It lasted 12 to 15 seconds. We went outside afterward and chatted with a couple other people about the quake, but for the most part life seems to have gotten back to normal very quickly for everyone.

It’s by far the biggest quake I’ve ever experienced, but not big enough to cause major damage. Certainly exciting, though.

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    Jill 07.29.2008 @ 14:23

    It was pretty exciting here, too. T got under his desk and I stood in the door jam of his room. Afterward, we got the hard hats out in case another one came and talked to parents on the phone and read all about it on the internet.

    gv 07.29.2008 @ 14:26

    For the record, apparenthorizons quakeblogged, like, 20 minutes before blogwaffe.

    MDA 07.29.2008 @ 15:11

    Jill, glad all is well!

    gv, let the record show that I spent 20 minutes getting our router to let me see apparenthorizons, commenting on apparenthorizons, and checking to make sure nothing had exploded in your room before quakeblogging :)

    Dixie 07.30.2008 @ 14:10

    I quaketweeted, but that was as far as I went. The thing that spooked me was that we could feel it in the sub-basement. It’s pretty stable down here; I’ve felt earthquakes up on the surface and higher, but not here.

    The doorjamb in my office was being occupied by TWO coworkers, so I hung out under a desk. I’m not sure it would have stood up to the BI falling onto it, but luckily I didn’t find out for sure.

    It was definitely the strongest earthquake I’ve experienced here. I now feel I can emigrate having gotten the entire LA experience.

    Paul 08.13.2008 @ 01:06

    And why did this have to happen just AFTER I left?? You lot get all the fun…

    hoh 10.11.2008 @ 12:33

    i’ve been told to stand under a doorway as that’s structurally the strongest. is this outdated info?!
    glad you durvived the experience – the wordpress community needs you!

    se 02.03.2009 @ 12:42

    hey, so …. did you guys ever finish the conversation about ORDER BY meta_values? it IS tricker than at first glance! Lemme know!

      MDA 02.03.2009 @ 13:14

      We were doing numeric sorting on values in a text column. The method I was talking about at the time was:

      ORDER BY meta_value + 0

      It makes the query less efficient, but means you get numeric sorting instead of alphabetical sorting (not sure if those are the correct terms).

      You can also try using CAST() or CONVERT(). They might actually be a bit faster.


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