You don’t want your waitress to say

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This is my favorite beer; it tastes like Fruit Loops.


    HAA 01.19.2008 @ 19:45

    From an information-theory perspective, this is actually a useful answer: Either you like beer that tastes like Fruit Loops, or you don’t. In the first case, your field of choices is reduced to one. In the second, your field of choices is reduced by at least one, which is very useful in a small set of beers, less useful in a larger set. Of course, in this case you could then ask the waitress about her _least_ favorite beer: The odds are high that you would like it.

    MDA 01.19.2008 @ 20:08

    We were too chicken to confront her with her least favorite beer, though the idea was certainly raised.

    While what you say is true from the perspective of gaining information, it should be noted that the waitress in question said this while handing us a pitcher of the beer in question. We were past the point of no return.

    Anonymous 01.25.2008 @ 17:26

    In the interest of preserving the integrity of actual fruit, it should be noted that the cereal is called “Froot Loops.” Keeping this fact in mind somehow makes me even less inclined to drink beer that tastes that way.

    Ed 01.25.2008 @ 17:26

    Uh, that was me, if you couldn’t tell by the pedantry.

    Adam 02.06.2008 @ 05:33

    Out of curiosity, what beer was it? Because I think I might fall into the category of those who indeed do like beer that tastes like Fruit Loops.

    gregv 02.07.2008 @ 21:05

    For posterity, it was the Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat.

    Lulu 05.30.2008 @ 18:46

    eehh…I fell upon this little chat looking for a bit about..nevermind, but c’mon this is silly because she seems funny..shit ya’ll are talking about it, I don’t think the joke is on her. It takes special people to poit out that everything tastes like fruit loops and non’ the healthier…yea skinny or fat you can dress up like a Sultan in your union-head-hat man.

    Lulu (waitress)

    Lulu 05.30.2008 @ 18:47

    On yea, and crappy Blue Moon!

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