Hollywood and the Decemberists

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The Decemberists were playing at the Hollywood Bowl on July 7th (several weeks ago), and Michelle and I got cheap tickets.

They put on a really good show. Very engaging and energetic. I also really dug Andrew Bird and his Leslie-like cartoony speaker setup. His live performance, though, was head and shoulders better than his Armchair Apocrypha album I got off of iTunes after the concert.

The crazy part of the evening, however, was meeting Morena Baccarin.

Wait, what? Yeah, she was at the Hollywood bowl and, after a double take, I asked for a picture. She was super nice and graciously agreed. It was my first opportunity to interact with a celebrity in LA despite all the small world stories you hear from here and my living in the area for the past four years.


    Adam 07.28.2007 @ 00:14

    And WHAT a celebrity to meet! I’m horribly, _horribly_ jealous.

    And as for Andrew Bird, I heard him on Late Night and was really impressed. I listened to clips of Armchair Apocrypha on iTunes and was really disappointed. Are there any songs worth getting from the album?

    MDA 07.29.2007 @ 11:18

    I found the album to be fairly uninspiring. My impression was that Andrew Bird may be one of those incredible musicians who puts on a fantastic performance, but just can’t summon the same sort of energy and passion for a studio recording.

    If you get a chance to see him live, go.

    Adam 07.30.2007 @ 16:20

    Perhaps someone should suggest to him that he do a live album?

    And I still can’t get over the fact that you met Morena Baccarin. Although, at this point it is clear that I would have made a fanboy fool of myself had I been there too.

    mike 08.12.2007 @ 10:16

    Saw the Decemberists live in London – awesome show. Especially when they split the crowd at the end and jumped with everyone. Such a tasty sound and great line up.
    Didnt notice a cool Lesley setup by Andrew Bird but wish I had.


    Cool. Although I’m not typically a star-struck kinda guy, and I never care to look for celebs in LA where I live, much less going up and say “hi” if I DO see them…it’s always kinda surreal to meet one though. Now meeting in person and taking pics with the beautiful Morena Baccarin is something else! =)

    Noclegi Polsce 11.16.2007 @ 07:29

    Morena is very beautiful and talented. It’s great you met her. I dream about meeting her too. Greetings.

    Marie 12.10.2007 @ 09:12

    It has to be said, I am very jealous that you got to meet Morena Baccarin! I’ve yet to meet any of the firefly/serenity cast!

    I’ve met Andy Hallet though and he was fantastically charming!

    Mousse'T 03.23.2008 @ 13:10

    Wow, its cool to meet her.

    martin 03.29.2008 @ 22:27

    loved the mii tee.

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