Pacific Coast Highway

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Michelle and I drove down a portion of the after our WordCamp inspired trip to the bay area. (I should note that the section of Highway 1 we were on is not officially called the Pacific Coast Highway according to the hard to parse wikipedia entry.)

Created by MapBuilder.net. Click the little red “pushpins” for more information about each of our stops.

The map above should display a few highlighted stops we made along the way: Año Nuevo State Reserve, Natural Bridges State Beach, , and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The short of it is that it turns out highway 1 is gorgeous. For for the long of it, see my flickr photos.

Since we stopped so often, we ended up spending the night in Paso Robles, CA at the Relax Inn. We were looking for something cheap, and we found it. We didn’t realize that the place would also be pretty nice. Comfortable and pleasant looking rooms, free pastries for breakfast and a charming proprietor (you might want to call ahead for the best price). If you’re ever in the area looking for a hotel, the Relax Inn has my recommendation.


    Adam 08.10.2006 @ 02:01

    Good going on the map! That’s pretty impressive.

    Damon 08.25.2006 @ 17:32

    Hello hello! I am very intrigued by this use of the Google Map to outline your trip. I am a wordpress user (have it powering my audiobook/travelogue/podcast) and would like to add a map that chronicles the bike trip that makes up the memoir.

    I have been playing with the Map Builder, very neat, but I don’t see how you managed to get it into a post without adding all the javascript in your header.php file for wordpress — or did you? Did you do something sneaky? Would love to add this to the end of my podcast … as a way for people to see where it was I had traveled as covered in the book.

    The URL for “In Search of #6” is in my info — I didn’t want it to trigger as spam. I hate spam.

    Hope to hear form you. Thanks!

    MDA 08.31.2006 @ 18:38

    What I did was sort of a hack.

    I built the map with Map Builder and clicked their “Map Implementation Link”. From there I selected “JavaScript injection” and they gave me some code from which I stripped out all but the necessary JS and some tweaked style.

    I then pasted that modified code into a WP post. It was obnoxious, though, because WP inserted <br />s all over the place. To fix that, I removed a lot of the line breaks in the Map Builder code and added a couple HTML and JS comment strings.

    I think I also had to tweak the JS a bit.

    You can get a good feel for what I did by looking at the source of this page.

    What resulted is not valid and was painful to implement. If I were to do this with any frequency, I’d write a plugin that would put things in the head where they should be.

    RMF 10.16.2006 @ 02:50


    Have you write the plugin yet? If not, could you explain a little more how can I modify the Map Builder code to paste it in WordPress? I’m impressed with the results.


    MDA 10.16.2006 @ 09:19

    RMF, I have not written a plugin. And I don’t think I can explain things better than I did in my comment above, sorry! Check out the source of this page and see how I did it.

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