Christmas 2005

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A great deal can happen in a month. With all that potential material, allow me to describe some of what happened this past month in as boring a way as possible.

Paul.za and I went home to .id.us for Christmas, and I’d like to think he wasn’t bored to tears. Watery eyes, perhaps, but not tears. I had loads of fun seeing everybody back home (a shoutout to Siri who says she reads this from time to time and to Brendan who at least used to). Good to see Ed, Father Matt, and everyone I ever knew from my graduating class. But enough name dropping, on to the excitement.

Hm… it could only possibly be exciting if you knew all the names, so suffice it to say I had a good time with the fam and everyone else. New years with Lincoln and Hannah rocked (though Chana was conspicuously absent), and the trip back to Pasadena was fine except that, even with a direct flight, I still managed to have a layover.


    Paul.za 01.10.2006 @ 17:39

    Bored to eyes-filled-with-more-than-the-usual-amount-of-water I was not! It was a great break from term, and the books, movies, walks and parties were excellent. Thanks again!

    DrLP 01.11.2006 @ 08:03

    And in a few short days Paul.za had achieved the status of “neat guy” from the movie nighters (and everyone else in id.us so far as I can tell). Way to go!

    Paul.za 01.11.2006 @ 15:35

    Why thank you! I have always tried to make sure I am properly presented — shirt tucked in, hair combed, shoes polished.

    Oh wait … I’m exposing my lack of foreign slang again, aren’t I. Doh!

    Siri 01.11.2006 @ 16:38

    See? I do read this from time to time.

    MDA 01.16.2006 @ 12:17

    Glad to see you around, Siri.

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