Nominate Caltech’s Superhero Mascot

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A conversation with Michelle led me to state that Batman is a good Caltech superhero in the following sense. He adheres to an ethos of vigilante justice, relies on technology and intelligence (and shit big computers) rather than superpowers to get the job done (most of the time…), has an underground hideout and enjoys things with rubber nipples. I should note that it was this last point that really sold Michelle on the idea.

I’m curious to hear other nominations.


    gv 12.04.2005 @ 16:52

    Professor Xavier, obviously. Actually, Magneto might be a little more appropriate as his powers manipulate the basic forces of nature. This is opposed to Xavier whose powers are totally made up. What is he a professor of anyway?

    Adam 12.05.2005 @ 00:32

    Well, in one movie Professor Xavier is teaching physics. In another he’s teaching literature. My guess is he knows whatever he needs to know. If he’s not an expert on a subject, there’s probably someone around whose mind he can read to get enough information.

    However, I one of my favorite parts of the second movie is Wolverine claiming to be an art teacher.

    Getting back to the topic at hand, I would suggest Underdog as Caltech’s superhero mascot.

    MDA 12.06.2005 @ 11:17

    Brilliant inference about Professor X’s knowledge base, Adam.

    Adam 12.06.2005 @ 22:44

    But not so much on the Underdog suggestion, Mike?

    MDA 12.07.2005 @ 11:01

    I haven’t really formed an opinion on it. Convince me.

    scamp 12.12.2005 @ 18:47

    Inferior Five

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