I can feel me getting smarter

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As of last night, Greg and I are officially “so much smarter than you”.

In an ongoing effort to make minions of all the world, we took it upon ourselves to enter a moment of introspection. Dictatorial control of the globe requires certain qualities of a person, and how can the self be made better if not through careful consideration of its faults? Upon peering into our souls and minds, we discovered something: we’re not that smart.

Let me offer you my perspective; Greg’s mileage may vary. Over the past several years (perhaps since senior year of college), my attention span has been diminishing (thankfully, only algebraically). I blame only myself and my lack of rigour. Nevertheless, my lacking in the powers of concentration has severely limited my ability to perform certain tasks like determining a tight bound on spatial quantum search, understanding the nuances of quantum pattern matching, or shaving.

Greg claimed to be suffering from a similar fate and, clever man that he is, suggested a solution: Chess.

He posited that the competitive spirit the game inspires would offer tangible incentive for concentrating on and rationalizing about one topic on a timescale of order greater than dekaseconds. In short, chess would, over time, reinculcate our respective abilities to think.

We started last night with a rousing (and, truth be told, embarrassing on both sides) game, mano a mano. Greg took me to town, but I feel a better man for it. Anybody willing to throw down the gauntlet is welcome; my brain can only thank you. For the record: Greg’s pretty good and I’m fair to middling.


    gv 09.02.2005 @ 16:32

    If being good at chess makes you better at taking over the world that must mean the world is run by…computers! (Vice president and ambassador to mankind: G. Kasparov)

    Dixie 09.02.2005 @ 16:50

    You should play chess with me, then. I was good when I was, like, six. Now, I think I remember what all the pieces do…

    xaosseed 09.03.2005 @ 16:19

    I will have you, and your childrens children to the fourth generation. You will perish in squalor and shame from the vastness of my chess-ular trouncing of you.

    Name ye the time.

    MDA 09.03.2005 @ 18:31

    So I’ve played another game since. Turns out “fair to middling” should really read “bad”.

    Paul.za 09.06.2005 @ 14:07

    And now I too have joined in the efforts to improve concentration — and played Greg twice. And I’m getting really tired of being two pawns up only to go down to a position neither of us foresaw. But revenge will be mine!

    DrLP 09.07.2005 @ 08:05

    One hopes all this playing of chess will so increase your mental power that the grammatical niceties of the English refelxive pronouns will be as open a book to you as Newton’s Principia and the title for you entry will be “I can feel myself getting smarter.”

    MDA 09.07.2005 @ 12:18

    Ah, but how else can I inspire my dear father to comment if not through the artistic abuse of the English language?

    But, yes. One hopes.

    Alf B. 11.27.2005 @ 15:04

    Hint: install chess to you mobile, and train every free minute. I play chess with my p910 in subway or bus, and even when I can sleep.

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