To RAZR or not to RAZR

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I’m in the market for a new phone. The contenders: Motorola’s V3 RAZR and Nokia’s 6230 (for those who really keep track of their phones, the 6230i seems to not be out on the market as much).

My main objection to the RAZR: it’s a flip phone. I’m always worried about those things breaking. The fewer movable parts, the better. So to all you flip phone users out there, is the phone likely to wear out over two years? Keep in mind I’m not the most careful person this earth has ever seen.


    jjk 08.01.2005 @ 18:36

    I have owned four cell phones in my life: two were non-flips, two were flips. I can say I steadfastly prefer the flip phones. I have no problems with wear and tear, and I don’t have to worry about turning the key lock on and off.

    So, my advice is, if you find the key lock business to be no trouble, disregard the flip versus non-flip issue and go from there.

    Uber 08.02.2005 @ 02:21

    I have had innumerable phones, mainly nokias. Of those, one was a flip phone or “clamshell”. I really liked the form factor, but the software was appalling.

    I now have a Nokia 6630, which is utterly spiff.


    I just ordered a RAZR.

    I’ve always had a candybar phone, but the keys get pocket lint in them or just wear out. I’ve never had problems with locking the keys but my relatives can.

    I’ve never heard of the flip function of a flip phone wearing out. The only problem that I’ve heard is that the often have shorter antennae, so the reception isn’t always as good.

    It’s going to take a lot of restraint not to hit MENU * when I get my new phone.

    MDA 08.02.2005 @ 13:16

    Uber, that’s another factor I forgot to mention. Nokia’s UI is awesome. I’ve heard only bad things about others’ in comparison. The 6630 looks pretty hot, but, unfortunately, .us is months (a year?) behind in cellphone technology. This is something I truly don’t understand. You have the phones, you have the market… sell them.

    Anyway, I ordered the RAZR. I think what tipped me in the end was battery life. I’d have preferred a Nokia otherwise, and there are good ones in production (somewhere), but, as I said, .us is behind.

    I’m not sure how I feel about having a phone currently deemed “stylish”. We’ll see how I like it. And, yes, Sean, I can only hope that MENU, * does not do something terrible. I’ll be at that a lot.

    HH 08.02.2005 @ 14:19

    I’ve always heard flip phones have better sound as well, since you don’t have to compromise by putting the speaker to your ear but the mic in your cheek. Even if you don’t notice it the people you’re talking to may.

    But I will still make fun of your for getting a RAZR – I guess you do live in trendy LA.

    MDA 08.02.2005 @ 14:34

    It’s worse. I ordered the new black one.

    Adam 08.03.2005 @ 00:24

    Yes, but Mike, will the RAZR help you get rid of that beard?

    suavisimo 08.03.2005 @ 01:29

    dude, trust me. I’ve seen you play “pocket pinball.” a flip phone will prevent the keypad from getting dirty

    Alf B. 11.27.2005 @ 14:49

    It’s simple! Moto – more progressive design and usefull, but still bad menu and less functions. Nokia as always with good menu and functional, also no problem with quality of sound. ///BTW: I’m using Moto (timeport) and SE p910 now.

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