8000, you’ve treated me well

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In a way, I’m a little sad to see it go. My unconventional port and I have been together for a long time now. It’s been a source of conversation, intrigue and misplaced pride. Sadly, the pros of moving on outweigh the cons.

For those of you who hadn’t noticed after this ~day of being offline: http://blogwaffe.com.

I didn’t want to name names until all had settled, but I’m now very happy to say that blogwaffe is being served by TextDrive. I absolutely could not be happier with the service or its people. TextDrive’s servers are fast, highly configurable and very usable while all the while the folks running the show are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable nearly to the point of being scary. I had a couple questions about the best way to move the site over while maintaining the old links. Not only did they have answers, they had implementable solutions. Many thanks to Ryan, Jason and the lot.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a loud shout out to Matt who was responsible for setting us up the bomb in the first place. So thanks, Matt.


    OG 07.28.2005 @ 07:18

    “Not only did they have answers, they had implementable solutions.”

    Jeez… why are you wasting your time in school when you can spout grade-A BS like that? I know a few companies who would love to hire you.

    MDA 07.28.2005 @ 12:01

    It’s perhaps my only real talent :) It’s too bad I’m better at writing it than extemporizing it: no future as a politician.

    Alf B. 11.27.2005 @ 14:52

    No mater of fact, all that happens – for good.

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