Sarah was here!

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Making good on her promise to someday visit, Sarah and Anant were in town this weekend. Apparently, Anant was interviewing with some company out here, and Sarah came for the ride. Their home base was Lennon’s (I had completely forgotten he was out here), and, ostensibly because I’m supposed to be studying for quals, I only got Sarah for the day on Friday.

We hit up all the standards: campus, Ernie’s, the Huntington, the OTP, the caltech Canada Day shindig, the houses of the other half. I’d like to think she had fun; I certainly thought it was awesome to see her. And, despite the roaring headache I acquired for no particular reason that evening, it was great to see Anant and Lennon too that evening at dinner with Gina, her sisters and some friends. Five UR folk all in Pasadena for the night. Who’d have thought?



    suavisimo 07.10.2005 @ 15:33

    I know she’s got a boyfriend, but your friend Sarah was wicked hot.

    sarah 08.01.2005 @ 14:29

    yay! a post about ME?! thanks so much for taking the day off from studying to hang out with me! i loved your campus and that was the best tuna melt i’ve ever had… hope you can make it out to rochester soon! miss you tons

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