My Dad is a 1337 pf0tosphp h4X0r

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Adams Family 06-19-05

That’s a composition of two photos. One of which my dad took himself. Without a timer.

Plus it’s a good photo of the fam. Rawk on, Dad.


    Adam 07.01.2005 @ 00:07

    My family photos always include at least one person {choose one or more: looking away, with eyes closed, with mouth hanging open, with face scrunched up, or generally looking stupid}. My brother does it intentionally, and my mom complains. My mom however, usually makes strange faces without intending to. I recently saw some pictures of her as a little kid where she was making funny faces. So I guess that the moral is this: don’t make funny faces in your photos, or it might become involuntary later on.

    MDA 07.01.2005 @ 00:30

    Haha – Excellent conclusion, Adam.

    DrLP 07.01.2005 @ 08:13

    Actually it’s three pictures combined, but who’s counting.

    MDA 07.01.2005 @ 11:47

    Well then, that’s half again as impressive :)

    HH 07.06.2005 @ 14:34

    Everyone got your glasses on? Good, say cheese.

    MDA 07.06.2005 @ 14:38

    Everyone got your “Hey, I’m coming to .ca sometime this summer, Shaggy” soundbyte prepped?

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