Dinner from Paul

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Two photo posts in a row? Paul.za cooked dinner for a bunch of people on Tuesday Wednesday.



    xaosseed 04.02.2005 @ 02:04

    Those are indeed lucious and flowing locks.

    And what on earth is the spiral-mind-control thingy hanging over you? Is that a helical lightbulb? Why?

    MDA 04.02.2005 @ 11:27

    It’s a fluorescent bulb – more power efficient. I imagine the helicity is for increasing the density without increasing the diameter of the tube, which I’m sure is optimized for something.

    But it does have mind control properties. We haven’t turned it on in a while though. Talk to you later; I’ve got a sudden urge to go promote this nation’s wise and trustworthy administration.

    Paul.za 04.03.2005 @ 22:57

    I should also point out, for the record, that the dinner in question was fully approved by Ms. Olof. In fact, the registrar will give you credit for it.

    MDA 04.03.2005 @ 23:08

    Will it satisfy my Condensed Matter requirement?

    sarah 04.05.2005 @ 16:25

    shaggy- what’s up with the beard?! what has cali done to you? are you at least still wearing black socks?!

    MDA 04.05.2005 @ 17:43

    :) The beard’s been there since… October or so. And I wear flip flops a lot more here, so I don’t get down to the black socks very often anymore. How things change, huh?

    Somethings never change though. I still TA (though none of my students are nearly so attractive), still rock the wrinkled look, still wear the nerd shirts, still the best the game of flip cup has ever seen, and still single (when are you going to ditch Anant, anyway? – Hey Anant!).

    I’m totally going to call you in 15 minutes once it’s nine o’clock over there. Gossip.

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