Leading to Another

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As per my conversation with Heidi and Dixie.

When people describe that certain way in which couples… discover one another, shall we say, they often use the phrase “one thing led to another, and…”. If only I could just figure out that ‘one thing’. It’s been my quest for quite some time now to find out exactly what it is because, man, I’d be golden if I knew.

Having officially given up on original research in the area, I’m opening this up to outside contributors; please advise on what you feel that ‘one thing’ to be. If some sort of ritualistic ceremony is prerequisite to this knowledge (e.g. Masonic initiation), just say the word and I’m there.


    xaosseed 03.27.2005 @ 22:03

    The ‘one thing’ is her making the first move obviously. I mean what, we’re going to shove them away and run screaming?

    Adam 03.28.2005 @ 00:03

    For some reason, I’m reminded of a Strongbad Cartoon:

    Strong Bad with the ladies-
    Current Status: They all still want me.

    I’m a chick magnet. A babe conductor. A logarithm… for.. the ladies…

    Oh, and you’re not alone in the search for the elusive “one thing”. You figure out what it is, feel free to spread the word.

    Kristján 03.28.2005 @ 07:30

    I beleive a good slap across the face will show what kind of a go-getter you really are. This will impress women, as they will see that you are well suited to fend for them, and your future children.

    To underline the message, this should be followed with a no-nonsense request for a sandwich and a beer.

    xaosseed 03.30.2005 @ 09:12

    Poor show, old boy.

    MDA 03.30.2005 @ 12:32

    Actually, I was looking more for something along the lines of ‘accidentally slip at the bus stop and end up sprawled on the pavement with the beauty in question, in turn, sprawled on top of you. Proceed as seems necessary’, but I’m open.

    Certainly, her making the first move is a good one. Tricky to pull off though :)

    Oh, and Kristján, that trick only works on your Mom.

    Laurel 03.30.2005 @ 14:21

    Oh, this is an easy question; the “thing” is oil.
    Or, even better, cold-fusion. I hear those are total babe-magnets. Or will be within a decade…

    Kristján 03.30.2005 @ 14:49

    Oh MDA, could we get off my mom? I just got of off yours.

    MDA 03.31.2005 @ 00:10

    Oh MDA, could we get off my mom? I just got of off yours.

    We? Dude, I do not want to know.

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