why shorty?

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holly here.
hi mike’s online friends – and real friends too. I have one question for you: Why does he call women shorty? My theory: Mike’s previous frustration with the Women in Science poster has him upset about the general success of women in society. Therefore, he feels the need to call women “shorty.” I have invaded the blog from the inside, therefore I am no shorty. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.


    MDA 03.22.2005 @ 23:02

    it’s kind of intense, because it’s like a kidney.

    MDA 03.22.2005 @ 23:46

    For the record, the above comment is also from Holly. But she’s right. It’s a kidney.

    But to get back on topic: It has nothing to do with my take on the way women are seen in society at large or in part. It has everything to do with my ‘mad street cred’. I’m down with the lingo of today’s youth (holla!). You can often find me downtown slangin’ eightballs, pimpin’ the ragtop, and clockin’ the dough with all the other playahs. Fo Sheezie.

    Combine this near encyclopaedic knowledge of the parlance of our times with the statistics on human height, and you’ve got yourself some damn good justification for the use of the term ‘shorty’.

    Oh. And by the way, Holly, it’s not women I call ‘shorty’. Just you.

    xaosseed 03.23.2005 @ 11:33

    Next thing you know you’ll be making strange noises in the canteen then your chest will explode and we’ll all get gruesomely murdered.

    Even though as a synthetic friend, I rate my survivability quite highly, still…

    *wanders off muttering check pulse rifle*

    MDA 03.24.2005 @ 14:55

    You’ll all be gruesomely murdered? No sympathy for me? Do you have any idea how much it sucks for another life form to explode out of your chest? No?

    Well let me tell you, it’s the most- Oh fu-

    NO. NOooo. GHHAFAGHAA… holy s-.

    Mary Rose 03.13.2012 @ 01:35

    Hi, there, Holly! It’s kind of canny for you to post in Mike’s blog. But I suppose it’s allowed. Anyway, I think when a person starts calling another with a pet name, it implies fondness. So I would rather consider it flattering even when the pet name is “Shorty” – I see nothing wrong with that. It’s cute.

    Mary Rose of http://www.whitespaceinternational.com

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