Ong Bak – The Thai Warrior

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On Haskell’s recommendation, Aaron, Greg and I saw Ong Bak last night. As Haskell puts it,

It’s a martial arts flick with a hint of a plot, absolutely no love interest, and the most freakin awesome unbelievable ass kicking ever put on film.

Tony Jaa was absurdly good: no wires, no CG, just sheer, unadulterated badasstitude.

Everything from the one hundred percent nongratuitous triple takes on every action shot in the entire movie, all the way through to the at-least-three-out-of-four-limbs-in-the-air-in-every-frame sequences, from the complete lack of deleterious effects other than sliding backward a few feet after being kicked in the chest with enough force to collapse an elephant lung, to the new definition of “throw some elbows”, this movie had me – utterly had me.

Apparently, Mr. Jaa is filming a movie currently, and Aaron speaks of a project with Jackie Chan. I’m in – all the way.


    UALboy 03.16.2005 @ 07:33

    Jackie Chan… ugh

    MDA 03.16.2005 @ 12:07

    Trust me, it doesn’t matter who Tony Jaa works with. I guarantee it will be awesome.

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