Finally in the Big League

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After six months of residence, Greg, Paul.za and I are finally listed on the apartment directory. And we’ve got an official label on our post box. Guess that means they finally think our money’s good enough for them.

On the whole, the SLR’s been good to us, or at least to me. The obvious benefit our place offers is the space, but beyond that, we’ve never had any big problems with the management, the rest of the residents are all pretty nice, and the voting station is directly across the street.

Sure, real bike racks would be nice, and it’d be awesome if we could have one more garage clicker. I suppose, while I’m at it, I might as well mention how rockin’ it’d be if all the bathrooms had showers.

Now if Greg would only stop smelling my sheets all the time. Come on, dude. Creepy.


    holly 02.13.2005 @ 18:22

    since i’ve taken a fancy to reading your blog, i must agree about stone pine. it’s nice to know that we “nice” people live in the SPA – Stone Pine Apartments. Woah…I’m going to start telling people I live at a SPA. Bored in Apt. 2.

    Ok peace out.

    MDA 02.14.2005 @ 00:05

    Actually, I said “pretty nice”, but I suppose I can give it to you ;)

    SPA, huh? Never thought of that. Guess I’ll have to upgrade you to “nice and clever”.

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