Thou shalt read sprachwaffe

A new question from Dixie and a new response from DrLP.


    Paul.za 02.01.2005 @ 21:01

    And just in case anyone missed it, nice work on the subtle reference to the Sprachwaffe post in the title of this post.

    BTW, that’s a HUGE submit button on the comment section. Very nice.

    MDA 02.01.2005 @ 21:52

    I couldn’t figure out an obvious place to put the bit about the comment moderation. Actually, I think that is the obvious place, but it looks odd unless I make the submit button so huge. Just add it to the list of odd little stylistic quirks on the site.

    BTW (to quote), I put the notice about moderation in only becaue the site moderated one of my own comments, and I got confused (“Where the hell is my comment? Stupid, piece of crap beta software.” *Pokes around in SQL database* “Oh, I’m an idiot”). So I figured it could happen to anyone.

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