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I saw a friend of mine (more directly of my brother’s) today for the first time in a year (nearly to the day). He mentioned to me that he had heard of this site through an acquaintance of his from (as he recalled) Scotland. As he related, simply mentioning Allen’s name in conversation brought an inquisitive response: “is he related to Michael D. Adams, publisher of the incomparable blogwaffe, handsome, erudite polymath, and ladies man extraordinaire?”. Incredulous, he responded: “Yes, but you forgot to mention ‘kung fu master'”.

This is made all the more remarkable by noting that Matt, the informant in question, works at Oxford. Thus, the association is entirely extranational (from the perspective of an American resident). One obvious explanation involves a direct Saucy or xaosseed relationship, but I prefer to think the connection is separated by more degrees than that.

So I guess that makes .us, .uk (both England and Scotland), .ie and (at least on occassion) .za. Curious. But not unwelcome.

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    xaosseed 12.21.2004 @ 14:52

    Okay, Oxford… um… nope, nothing ringing bells here. My network in the UK is almost entirely staged out of Scotland. I know one or two from Cambridge, but thats it.

    Standard Operating Proceedure #13: When In Doubt, Deny Everything.

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