In a Rut

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I need some music. I need it to rock my ass off and leave me wanting more. I don’t care about lyrics (as long as they don’t promote the cultish worship of the thrice bled baby, condemn interracial marriage, autc.). I’ll read a freakin’ book or some poetry if I want to hear some masterful language. I don’t care about what kind of crappy anecdotal information you can give me about the rhythm guitar player’s sister. Not unless the music ends up blowing me away and she’s absurdly hot. I don’t want some puerile crap that starts off weak and builds to anger-rock (or worse, stays weak). Angst, emo, a Jedi craves not these things; I need it to kick and I need it to kick now.

I care about soul. Beat, Bass lines, Groove, these I crave. I want to hear something ridiculous from an electric guitar, or a B3, or some tables, or somebody with a voice so good it doesn’t make sense. Be it electronic(a), funk, honest to God rock, jazz, pop, blues, throat singing, or zydeco: Gotta get me boppin’. Gotta get me rockin’. Gotta get me hollerin’ “oh yeah”.

If you think you’ve got something that can fulfill my demands, let me give it a try. But my ass better get itself good and rocked off.


    Dixie 11.23.2004 @ 23:02

    AFI’s “Sing the Sorrow” or any NIN tends to fill my need to be rocked when the going gets tough. Therapy? is angsty (and obscure over here) but rockin’; Andrew WK is mindless and repetetive but it repeats good stuff so that’s okay. Calexico is quieter but quite good (I’ve been listening to “Feast of Wire” nearly nonstop). Tenacious D, when at their best, has rock figured out.

    I can enable you with any of this if you so desire, though the Andrew WK and Therapy? will take me a little more time to unearth than the other stuff.

    MDA 11.23.2004 @ 23:55

    All excellent suggestions. I will come get enabled at some point.

    It should be clarified, to any curious, by “rut” I mean only musically.

    Marc Broussard 11.24.2004 @ 00:36

    Obviously, you’ve not seen my latest album. Seriously, give me another chance. Please? Don’t make me beg.

    MDA 11.28.2004 @ 00:38

    I #heart# Dixie.

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