On the path to a more sexually fulfilled world

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Not for me, unfortunately, but for the greater good. Google News recently aggregated two articles about scientific andvances on the frontlines of sex. The first is about the recent study linking the female libido with chocolate consumption. And we’re not just talking desire, but arousal and satisfaction as well. This has been popular knowledge for eons, and science has finally caught up. Of course, the sample size was only 163 women, so I figure this was really just a university sponsored excuse for some Italian guy to ask lots of dirty questions of strange women.

The second article relates the recent “success” of innoculating macaque monkeys agains their own sperm. Well, really a protein necessary for the sperm’s fertility, but who’s counting? The summary: nine monkey’s, seven of which became infertile after innoculations, five of which became fertile again at the end of the experiment. So a bit better than fifty percent. Also, keep in mind these are injections and were required every three weeks for the monkeys. Now, there’s no way any man is going to get injections every three weeks to keep his soldiers out of combat boots. Machismo aside, injections are more expensive than pills: you’d have to go somewhere and have someone stick you (so you could go off and stick someone else…) the first time, and get trained so you can stick yourself (…?) subsequently. I assume this can all be done subcutaneously, so it’s proabably not complicated. But still more of a pain in the ass than pills. Maybe they can take a page from the diabetes industry’s book and start making antisperm innoculant pumps.

Or maybe we should just wait around for the pills.

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