On to better things

Putting my bilious mood behind, I decided to celebrate. And I even came up with a good reason: drink and rejoice because America has not had to suffer through a terrifying regime change in nearly four years! Besides, since free as in speech has taken a bit of a hit after eleven states decided to constitutionally ban gay marriage, I might as well excersize what freedoms I do have left and consume vast quantities of free as in beer.

That’s a good name for a party.

Anyway, before the action, Adam, Aaron, Bonnie, Rogier and I ate at Manny’s and saw the Incredibles at the Paseo. Wow. One hundred percent blown away. Animation? Spectacular. Storyline? Superb. Humor? Abundant and clever. Pixar pre-show short? Present. The writers did an amazing job playing with the action, James Bond, and superhero genres they were implementing. And the voice acting was great. A movie with Samuel L. Jackson is always worth a viewing, but most notable to me were _Holly_ Hunter and _Sarah_ Vowel.

Then I headed over to the GSC party. I drank to drink. And definately got drunk. I have been told I walked home afterward, but remember nothing.

Today, as one might expect, was worthless.

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