Wake Up

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Fuck you and your damn cracker ass, America. Do you not see what has happened in this country over the last four years? Sure, 9/11, you say. I agree. Terrorists sure as hell got us. They got us good, and I think our president did a good job directly after the attacks leading this country toward safety and confidence once more. So, yeah, you can have that one. Take it – I could bitch about that, but I don’t need to. There’s enough other bullshit to air out, that conceding one point without debate won’t hurt a bit. Hell, you can have Afghanistan too. We may have been a bit over the top in some areas and a bit lax in others, but you can have it.

Iraq. The UN. Halliburton. Abu Ghraib. The Geneva Convention. Weapons of Mass Stupidity. The Kyoto Protocols. Intelligence. International Relations. The Supreme fucking Court. The Christian Right and Gay Rights (read “Gay Rights” as “Rights”). A vague and ill-defined war. Manipulation, Indoctrination, Mis/Disinformation. The Deficit. Taxation.

You gave it all justification. You have given him the right, nay, the responsibility to step it up a notch or two and screw you, his very voter base, over even more.

And, no intelligence is not a character flaw (though nepotism and corruption are), yes the rest of the world matters (and not just as a source of revenue), and, quite frankly, I don’t think you have any idea about Bush’s policies except his stance on gay marriage, his religous background, and his belief that Arab people do, in fact, exist.

Every one of you in your damn 51% majority can go sit on it and rotate. And rotate hard. Nuts to your malleability, nuts to your misconceived sense of morality, and balls to your aforementioned cracker ass.


    MDA 11.04.2004 @ 01:08


    Dixie 11.05.2004 @ 11:11

    Beautiful. You said it, now I don’t have to.

    xaosseed 11.07.2004 @ 10:51


    Paul.za 11.11.2004 @ 23:47

    Two things that, as somewhat of an outsider, I can perhaps say to make people feel a little better:
    1) It’s only 52% to 48%. That’s enough for this election (dammit!), but hardly a lasting majority.
    2) So back in .za, for election after election, the vast majority elected a bunch of racist thugs. Then things changed. It’s never as soon as we want it, but things can always go from terrible to good.

    ‘Nuf said.

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