Sweater Days

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I’m wearing a sweater today. My Mr. Rogers Sweater. It is no where near cool enough to warrant such attire, but It’s been a long time since I’ve opened up my warm clothes/electronics trunk for any anything but cables and adapters, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

It’s comfortable. It’s also funny. I lived in Rochester.ny for four years where it was always a celebration when tshirts could be worn all day long outside during the school year. Different people drew the line in different places, so some people celbrated more often than others. But it was still a source of common ground for everyone: tshirts = happiness.

Now that I’m in .ca, where I wear short sleeves and shorts essentially every day, it’s sort of nice to have an excuse to put on the old Mr. Rogers Sweater. Not that it’s a good excuse: It’s currently 67°F outside. Were I still in Rochester, this would be a day of celebration.

Here in .ca, it sort of still is.


    Dixie 10.22.2004 @ 10:54

    You’re in Canada?

    MDA 10.22.2004 @ 12:44

    Stupid second level locality domain degeneracy with ccTLDs. Greg chastized me last night. I should be more explicit:


    Actually, .rochester.ny.us would be more rigorous.

    MDA 10.23.2004 @ 00:10

    Spelling has never been my strong suit. Nor has been typing.

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