leap day

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.and oscar night. .ordered so-so chinese and watched the big event at the girls’ place. .clearly not worththe three hours and fourty-five minutes of my life i spent on it. .but it was sort of entertaining to see lotr:rotk win all eleven categories in which is was nominated. .that and watching billy crystal.


new boxers

.you’ll never guess what i did today. .outlet shopping with ariele, heidi, michelle, heather, katie and jeff. .purchased three pairs of boxers, two bottles of delirium nocturnum, a very thick and bready slice of pizza, and a cinnamon coated soft pretzel. .could have gotten all ofthose things nearer by, but it was actually a fun way to spend the day in and out of the sun and making fun of all the high school kids.


more gayness

.went to see club dread with ace and jeff. .pretty funny, but definately couldn’t hold a candle to super troopers. .graded chem 1 hws afterwards. !oh! .i was amazed at peter jennings’ person of the week today. .rep. marilyn musgrave, r-co, for sponsoring the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage. .the editiorial staff at abc world news tonight claims the representative’s name “will always be associated with the possibility ofrevolutionary change”. .taking away a demographic’s right in order to preserve your personal vision of the status quo sounds more reactionary than revolutionary to me. ?but who am i? .there’s always next friday.


gray tuesday

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.is today.


random bits

.quadrupole moment. .watched royal tenebaums with greg, heidi and heather. .that movie rocks my world. .got invited to orkut by allen. .”welcome michael, you are connected to 1 people though 0 friends”. .good times. ?anyone want to join the bandwagon?


a week’s worth of “interesting” tidbits

.so i wrote three whole entries for one day andburned out. .left my readers in the lurch. .both of them. .not to say nothing happened, because plenty sure did; i was just too lazy to do anything about it. .let’s see. .i suppose the main theme of last week was homework – a crap load of it to be precise (a “crap load” hs recently been defined by the SI). .monday, homework. .tuesday, ted brought up his friend matt and they, katie, jeff, greg, heidi and i went toburger continental, and the hearty among us (you know who you are/aren’t) whooped it up at lucky’s afterward..wednesday, homework. .thursday, i talked to professor wang about his research. .he’s doing somecool stuff, and even needs more students. .unfortunately, he has no funding. .but he pointed me toward a couple people in aph. .more on that when there’smore to report. .he also encouraged me to go to the biochemistry seminar that afternoon about icosahedral symmetry in viral capsids. .learned also that cowpea chlorotic mottle virus is trigendered. .its genome is split into four pieces; piece one fits into one capsid, piece two fits into another identical capsid, and pieces three and four fit into the third identical capsid. .so all three types need to attack a cell in order for it to reproduce. ?how hot is that? .friday, i graded and did nothing else as everyone was gone doing something more fun. .saturday was the big day. .skiing at mount baldy. .it was the first time paul.za, suvir and bert had been skiing, michelle had been once, and ace and i had beena few times. .ariele (bless her), jeff, and heather came alongfor the ride and brought us food. .michelle had an affair with andre the polish ski instructor, but everyone else had a good time. .saturday night was the gscmardi gras party. .potent drinks, freaky dancin’, and bead necklaces; no need to say more. .btw: div boxes don’t seem to be necessary.


Skiing Afterparty

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Snowball Fight

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Standing challenge: find a snowball in flight (by Jeff)

Actually on the Slopes

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