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.i think the company i bought the digital camera (see 1/7/04) from is a front: never was able to contact them, and they’ve got about three different names (softwareprince, evolutiontek, computers etc.). .today, i looked a bit harder online for reviews of this company and managed to find some this time. .as far as i can tell no one has ever received any merchandise from them, so i broke down and called my bank. .they were super helpful: filed my claims and credited my account with the purchase price. .so presumably i’ll get my money back permanently and will just have to deal with some paperwork. .now i’ve got a nice sd card with no camera. .suck.


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.so i was looking around on ebay, and i found a sweet deal on an apple powerbook (1.25 GHz, 512MB, 80GB, airport extreme, bluetooth, 15.2″ widescreen – the works). .he offered to sell it to me directly outside ebay for less than half of msrp. .the catch: i had to western union him the money. .well, i got a bit sketched out by that. .i didn’t think he had the balls to sell high-profile stolen goods on ebay, but there was no way in hell i was just going to wire him some cash. .i asked if paypal would be alright. .it’s just as fast (and, more importantly for me, traceable and accountable). .no response. .so i decided to keep emailing his ebay account with simple (but relevant) questions about the laptop. .eventually, i got a response from the real owner of the ebay account. .both her isp and ebay accounts had been cracked so that they would forward all her mail to him (she got suspicious when she no longer received any spam). .presumably, he didn’t have any laptops and was just trying to scam people out of a crap-load of money. .but i’m no sukah. .now ebay (and hopefully the fbi) is after him.

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