The WordPress Plugin you don’t want to install

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Next of Kin by Tzafrir Rehan.

Creepy. Funny. Interesting.


    Lloyd Budd 04.06.2007 @ 08:27

    Hopefully, it is bug free.

    Svend 05.03.2007 @ 19:04

    if you don’t recommend it, I won’t even search it out. Thanks for the heads up

    MDA 05.03.2007 @ 23:38

    Actually, that’s how the plugin describes itself (see above links). I haven’t tried it out but found the idea… intriguing.

    Trent 05.05.2007 @ 22:54

    This should be offered as a paid upgrade on wordpress.com blogs since I bet you would be suprised how many people would use this…….for real!


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    Jordan Parker 11.08.2007 @ 07:50

    This plugin is something huh.
    Well… I don’t think im going to be instaling it,
    it will scare me, if i forgot to login for a good bit of time, then it sending me an email saying im dead, Creepy shit!

    Thomas 02.05.2008 @ 20:22

    It’s a good idea, but what if (hypothetically) the person who gets that email dies at the exact time you do?

    Http500 05.14.2008 @ 00:05

    @Thomas : yes, is a good idea, im not sure work in wp 2.5.

    George Serradinho 04.25.2009 @ 06:00

    I have never thought of looking it up, I never knew someone even created a plugin like this. This is not something you would want on your site.

    Thanks for mentioning it :)

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